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The faculty offers the Bachelor of Business Management & Information Technology Degree program which is available at the Harare(main), Bulawayo & Chinhoyi 


The faculty offers the Bachelor of Arts Dual honours degree program and the Bachelor of Theology honours degree program.These programs are available at all the CUZ campuses.


New Courses

Executive certificates in:
  • Peace Building studies
  • Project management, monitoring & evaluation
  • Business Administration
  • English for non-English speaking students

Welcome to The Catholic University of Zimbabwe

The Catholic University of Zimbabwe is experiencing growth in line with its 2013-2022  strategic plan.

The focus is to have 10 000 students by the end of the year 2022. The University now has 1 000 students. This is a 257% growth from 280 students at the beginning of 2013.

Some of the growth has been realized due to the introduction of the very popular Block Release program for professionals where students can study for their B.A dual honours over a four year period at very competitive prices. This program is available at the Harare Campus as well as the Bulawayo, Mutare and Chinhoyi Campuses. The Bulawayo, Mutare and Chinhoyi Campuses are new and they also contributed to the phenomenal growth in student numbers as the decentralisation of Campuses has brought convenience for students across the Country and in the Region. Three more Campuses will be opened by the end of 2014.

The Catholic University also plans to introduce more full time degree programs and short courses in response to students’ needs.

Grow with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe!!!


    • February 2015 Intake now in progress. You may contact us, collect and/or submit your application forms at any of the CUZ campuses near you. View/Download Advert
    • Attachment Vacancies for CUZ students The Catholic University of Zimbabwe extends an offer of employment to interested CUZ BBMIT students seeking Industrial attachment for the year 2015. Students will be placed in the ICT, Public Relations/ Marketing and Library departments. Interested candidates should submit their curriculum vitae to the Registrar, Brother Albert Mada at the CUZ Harare campus or send through email to registrar@cuz.ac.zw before the 31st of December 2014
    • Forward Bukutu BA 3.2: "Coming to CUZ was the greatest move of my life, what a true and great experience of education! I met great people including the lecturers. I am armoured to conquer the world now."
    • Vimbisai Chuma B.A 1.2: "The environment is conducive for studying. The education is Christian based. The student: lecturer ratio is excellent!I love the Catholic University."
    • Takudzwa Kaseke BBMIT 1.2: "Everyone can make it in life, at CUZ we help each other overcome the challenges we face."