Office Bearers

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ProfileChairperson - Mrs. Tandi

Qualifications:       BBS (Honours University of Zimbabwe)

                                 MBA (University of Zimbabwe)

Experience:            Civil Service at Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)

Current activities:  Phd in progress with University of KwaZulu Natal


ProfileRegistrar - Brother Albert Mada

Qualifications:         SC BED honours (English and Literrature)

                               BA (Psychology)

                                MED (Admininstartion and Leadership)


Experience:           Taught at Loreta High School, Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Midlands State University (MSU), Mkoba Teachers' College.

Current activities:    Joined CUZ in January 2012



Head of Faculty (BBM&IT) - Mr. Dennis C. Matandaware

Qualifications:        MBA University of Zimbabwe

                               BA Honorns Economic Geography

                               Fourah Bay College, Sceira Leone

                               Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed) University of Zimbabwe

                               Diploma in Marketing (LCCI)

                               Certificate in Training Management (MTB)

Experience:       Projects Evaluation Officer (3 years)

                      Teacher - Ministy of Education (18 years)

                      Training Manager - Security Association of Zimbabwe (8 years)


ProfileNoleen Rutendo Chikowore



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