Welcome our Alumni

We are sure you remember vividly when you enrolled at the Catholic University! And you remember even more vividly when you graduated! Well done for all the progress you have made in your lives.

As you know, you are and always will be part of the CUZ family. We would love to hear from you and to learn from you as your University continues to grow.

Development Projects

The Catholic University of Zimbabwe Growth and Development Strategy (CUZ-GDS) 2013 – 2022 is an expression and outline of the University’s growth and development aspirations over the ten-year period, 2013 – 2022.
Inaugurated in 1998, the Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ) was born at the onset of the worst decade of economic decline and socio-political instability Zimbabwe has ever experienced, with inflation escalating to an unprecedented and unimaginable 231 million percent.

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Up Coming Events

Upcoming Events

15th Graduation Ceremony:                             Friday 13th April 2018

2018 1st Semester Opening Mass:                  Monday 12th March 2018